Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Transform any Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Transform any Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Transform any Kitchen.

The backsplash was originally designed in kitchens to protect areas around the sink and stove from splatters of water and grease. The modern backsplash has expanded to become an integral element in kitchen design wrapping around counters and taking up entire walls.

An uninspiring backsplash is an opportunity for you to enhance and transform the look of your kitchen and add value to your home whatever your budget.

The possible backsplash designs you can create are as endless as the materials you can use from glass tile to metal and bamboo to beyond. With so many choices, take the time to visit showrooms and study magazines for kitchen backsplash ideas. You will gain valuable insight into different materials and ways of structuring them to tie your kitchen together. Your upfront effort will pay off in an elegant, cohesive look with the right balance of drama and focus.

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Backsplash Styles and Trends

Modern backsplashes are designed for high impact ranging from subtle to bold or smooth-contemporary to Old World Tuscan. They can pop or blend, depending upon what works best with the design of an existing kitchen. Colors should complement countertops, whether matching or contrasting.

Backsplashes are commonly made from the same material as the countertop for a sleek, unified look. Or they can be pieced together with several different materials and textures. What matters is creating a balance of décor that pleases the eye, but doesn’t overwhelm.

Murals or inlaid picture designs are popular focal points in a backsplash, evoking a Tuscan theme or adding a unique touch. Make a mural out of painted tiles, tile mosaics or carved stone or clay. You can even paint your own picture on walls or tiles. Murals add warmth to kitchens, but can also look too busy if, for instance, the countertop is already multi-colored.

Adding tile borders to murals like framing a picture or running different diagonal tiles within a backsplash adds dimension and points of transition in a backsplash. Using different sized tiles strategically can create an illusion of larger space.

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Glass tile is increasingly popular for its functionality and beauty. Being nonporous, it is easy to maintain and resistant to mildew and stains. Available in a vast array of vibrant colors and shapes, it is naturally reflective especially under recessed lighting, making it a good choice for opening up smaller kitchens. Sections of textured glass and back painted glass are also distinctive design choices, available in every color and design.

Granite and stone remain favorite choices for a durable and Old World feel. Concrete in slab or brick, smooth or textured, is another versatile choice, whether you want rustic or refined.

Metallic tiles, pressed tin and sheets of stainless steel can all make your kitchen feel like the home of a professional chef.

For green alternatives, choose bamboo or even cork so pliable you can use it like a bulletin board.

The spectrum of kitchen backsplash ideas and choices is seemingly endless.

Budget Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen backsplash ideas are only as limited as your imagination. You can use nontraditional materials from floor tile to washable wallpaper.

Peel and stick vinyl tiles are an easy choice simple to apply, inexpensive and available in a surprising variety of textures.

Tile is a good do it yourself project. Create a mosaic design from your leftover broken tiles or those discarded by a retail store. You can paint tiles to match your desired colors or even “distress” them to look like stone using a sponge and glaze.

If you want a rich look but don’t have the budget, place designer tiles in the central part of your backsplash and use less expensive materials around the edges.

Paint your own picture on the wall and seal over it. For every kitchen there are a myriad of kitchen backsplash ideas.

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Before You Buy

Consider the size and style of your kitchen. Bring home samples of materials to experiment. Aim for a unique and high impact backsplash, but one, which complements the rest of your home. For a modest investment, you can transform your kitchen and increase the value of your home.


• The backsplash originally designed to protect walls around sinks and stove has expanded to become an integral element in kitchen wall design.

• Kitchen backsplash ideas encompass a seemingly endless array of designs and materials.

• Ceramic tile, metallic tile, glass tile, textured glass, stainless steel, granite, stone, cement, bamboo and cork—are only some of the possible backsplash materials.

• Visit showrooms and study magazines for kitchen backsplash ideas and learn how different materials can be used and structured to tie your kitchen together.

• Modern backsplash designs are bold, while keeping in balance with all the other design elements of a kitchen.

• Murals and mosaics are popular in modern backsplash design. (On a budget, make a mosaic design with leftover broken tiles.)

• Use a nontraditional material like floor tile or vinyl tiles for a budget backsplash.

• Bring home sample materials to experiment before deciding on your materials.

• A well designed backsplash will have high impact, integrate your kitchen and add value to your home.

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