Spa Luxury with a Low-Flow Showerhead

Spa Luxury

Spa Luxury with a Low-Flow Showerhead 

Adding an updated showerhead to your bath is one of the small home improvements, which instantly adds to the perceived value of your home.

The latest low-flow showerheads are more water efficient than ever, using only 1 to 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm)—yet delivering a variety of comfort streams and sprays worthy of a spa. While the popular home trend is toward oversized deluxe shower systems with multiple showerheads, just a single quality low-flow showerhead adds plenty of luxury and practicality to a smaller shower space. It also contributes to a more energy efficient home.

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Available in a plethora of prices, styles and functions, a single showerhead with modern low-flow technology looks sleek, saves water, reduces energy bills—and lets you indulge in everything from mist to massage. New sophisticated engineering integrates smaller amounts of water streams with compressed air pressure, for optimized shower streams even with low water pressures. While a low-flow showerhead can range anywhere from $5 up to several hundred dollars, a solid unit will probably cost anywhere from $30 to $100. Finding the best functionality and quality is not always about price. Try to test the shower spray before you buy it.

Picking Showerhead Features

Whether you choose a handheld showerhead or one fixed to the wall, they are easy to install. Fixed showerheads are mounted as permanent, but they can often be adjusted to varying heights. Handheld showerheads attach to a flexible hose and rest easily on an adjustable bar, which can function just like a fixed showerhead. The greater freedom of movement with a handheld showerhead is also ideal for cleaning items, pets and the tub itself.

Many low-flow showerheads are designed with multifunctional spray patterns—from fine mist and swirling massage to drenching rainfall and forceful jet. Other features available include dual showerheads, built in cut-off valves to pause and restart the water stream and control valves to regulate pressure, temperature and timing of shower.

Showerheads also come in every imaginable finish, including brushed nickel, chrome, brass and stainless steel.

Spa Treatment for a Small Investment

More refined engineering has made it possible to blend energy efficiency and luxury into a high performance low-flow showerhead. Shop around for the right showerhead and you will add value to your home and bath.

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