Window Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Like New

Window Maintenance Tips

Window Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Like New

Window Maintenance Tips: Basic window maintenance can save you from the high costs of window replacement. While modern windows are certifiably energy efficient and impervious to air and water infiltration, older windows, when properly cared for, can still be made air- and water-tight.

For a little investment, some routine maintenance will extend the life of your windows—while updating the look of your home and protecting it from the ravages of the elements.

Restoring and Painting Wood Framing

Window frames with rotting wood can be saved if caught in time, with some cleaning, treatment, and painting. Use a screwdriver to dig out any moisture-damaged wood, which hopefully has not been invaded by termites. Then prep the wood using water mixed with bleach, preferably nontoxic oxygen bleach, to clean away any mold and mildew. Then restore the framing by filling holes and cracks with a suitable wood epoxy, followed by a layer of wood protectant. The result is a permanent surface that can be easily sanded and primed for painting.

Keeping window frames painted every couple of years is one of the top ways to protect and preserve your windows for decades. When window finishes wear away, windows not only let air in but also get harder to open and close.

Painting with a water-based acrylic reduces peeling. There are also acrylic-urethane paint blends, which are especially durable. Keeping windows well painted prolongs their life.

Maintaining Vinyl, Aluminum, or Fiberglass

Vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass are not vulnerable to rotting like wood, but they should still be buffed and cleaned with a nontoxic or mild detergent solution to keep your home looking new.

Seal Windows to Stop Water Infiltration

Sealing windows with caulking should be a prime priority of your window maintenance. Water seeping through window frames and wall openings rots wood and causes damage to a home’s infrastructure over time. Seal the smallest openings in between the window and window framing—especially on the exterior of the window. The area in between the window and the house structure should also be caulked tightly.

Keep Weatherstripping Up-to-Date

Weatherstripping between the movable parts of window openings and framing shields from wind and moisture. Cleaning it periodically keeps weatherstripping intact, but if too much is damaged, it’s best to replace all of it. Types range from moisture-resistant vinyl to attractive, long-lasting metals. You can combine different types of weatherstripping to accommodate different spaces.

Keeping Up Window Maintenance Keeps Your Home Up to Date

Keeping window framing clean, painted, and caulked keeps windows functional, protecting your home’s infrastructure and enhancing energy efficiency. Taking care of your existing windows can save you from costly window replacements while keeping your home looking good.

QUICK TIPS on Window Maintenance Tips

• Basic window maintenance saves on energy costs and can keep you from needing expensive window replacements.

• Clean and restore wood window framing using epoxy, wood protectant, and paint.

• Keeping window frames painted every couple of years is one of the top ways to protect and preserve your windows. (Water-based acrylic paints won’t peel.)

• Vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass won’t rot like wood, but they still need cleaning for upkeep.

Sealing the smallest openings around windows with caulk is essential for stopping water infiltration.

• Weatherstripping installed around window openings comes in materials ranging from vinyl and metal to felt and open cell. Replace weatherstripping when it is dirty and worn.

• Window maintenance is an inexpensive home improvement that protects your home while making it look more attractive.

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